as we head into july, remember to keep cool and hydrated. the only classes i will be having for until september or octber will be the meditation classes. since most people are on vacations and takng time with family, i'm going to be doing the same.

as i bring out new products, please keep in mind that if you've purchased something for a particular ailment, it can always be made stronger to suit your present needs. it's one of the great things about me making the products myself. it allows me control of their strength and variation should it be necessary. and if you've an issue you would like to discuss, call me 602.214.5006 or email me.

looking for something Eia doesn't offer? check out my affiliates page and see what my special connections have to offer you. more will be added as i find great companies to partner with. so check back often.


earth's garden apothecary's mission is to supply our local and extened communities (if you're not local, you're extended, even if it's across an ocean) with products, knowledge, and ideas to make their lives easier (you mean it can be?), healthier (we can all use a little help), cleaner (less or no chemicals/toxins), and happier (who doesn't want this?).


my vision for this business and the world as a whole, is that of peace, love, health, happiness, and joy. a vision of true community where everyone has more than enough; is cared for when they are ill; and we all get to work in areas of our expertise and knowledge supported by ourselves and each other. living our purpose.

quick tips. . .

helpful little tid-bits

  • have a stinky garbage disposal?
    place some baking soda down the drain and let it sit over night before running the water, or squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into it and let it sit before running water down the drain