about maria

having come full circle to those youthful days when i held notions to play with lotions and potions, i have furthered my love for nature and the gifts that abound in it. i've discovered for most, a healing crisis usually jump starts us to look in a different direction for our health care...such is my story.

i began my own healing journey in 2006 after a health crisis. having had a small understanding of herbs and energy work, i began to look deeper into this wonderful area of integrative and holistic health therapies for my own healing. while doing so, i discovered a vast and dynamic world of natural plant & energy medicine.

i began my studies in herbalism, aromatherapy, life coaching, hypnotherapy, & toe reading among others, through the southwest institute of healing arts and east west school of herbology. i use my diverse education, experience, and intuition to educate & formulate custom protocols for each individual client. my practice spans the continental US and has its home in houma, la.

i continue to study in all modalities and mentor in hypnotherapy with jeannine marzella, ceo & transformation specialist of A Limitless Life. together we teach and educate individuals and groups about living their life motivated by purpose and passion creating positive change, and empowering the release of their limitations, thus living A Limitless Life.