classes / workshops are a great way to get a bit of empowering information in a short amount of time. they are designed to give you the basics. some classes will go more indepth than others, though all of them will give you what you need to start a new way of thinking and doing for your life and health. below is a list of the current classes i offer. i'm sure at some point i'll be adding more - check back often!

classes can be found on my calendar when available or you can get a group of friends together and schedule a private class for yourself!

  • natural sunscreen
  • natural cleaning products
  • herbs - where do i start?
  • aromatherapy - the basics
  • aromatherapy - beyond basics (prerequisite: aromatherpay - the basics)
  • tips and tricks for green living
  • gift giving - the natural way

natural sunscreen:
in our quest for all things natural and safe, one of the most toxic things we can put on our skin is sunscreen. it's chock full of chemicals and unhealthy things. we will make a natural sunscreen with an approximate spf of 20. each participant will take home a small jar along with handouts and the recipe.

natural cleaning products:
the title says it all! cleaning products made right in your own kitchen with non-toxic ingredients, safe for everyone - including the pets. you've all walked down those isles at the grocery store or even noticed the strong odor when you open the cleaning supply cabinet at your house - all bad news. those chemicals are seeping out of the containers they are in and contaminating the air you breathe. why not save money, time, and the health risks and make it yourself?

herbs - where do i start?:
how about right here with this class. we start with the basics. learning about a few herbs great for the home and everyone in it.

aromatherapy - the basics:
get a glimpse of a few essential oils and the important information on how, when, and why to use them. these amazing oils are a powerhouse of help in so many areas of our lives. these even get touched upon on other classes too, that's how powerful an ally they are. you'll get to make a goody or two in this one!

aromatherpay - beyond basics:
yes, aromatherapy - the basics must be taken first. there is so much important information in that class for you to know before diving deeper into this topic. here you'll learn a bit more and we add a few oils to the group for added excitement. more goodies to be made here as well!

tips and tricks for green living:
what more do i need to say? a beginning resource of how to make your life a little less impactful on our beautiful earth all while making only minor shifts in how we do things; money saving too.

gift giving - the natural way:
well, it's all about giving on purpose and with thought. making your gifts, adds an element of thought, love and care to the process. each homemade gift i receive, says more to me than anything a person can buy in a store. to think of the time and energy someone puts into a gift that they make themselves, speaks volumes to me about how truly they love or care about me. plus, it's a special treat i know not everyone can go out and buy...makes it more special. so let's take your gift giving to another level or in another direction. lots of goodies will be made here - goodies you can keep or give away!

class prices vary and will be notated on the calendar and home page as they become available. pre-payment and pre-registragion is recommended to ensure the class has enough participants to hold. private group classes are available by contacting maria.

quick tips. . .

helpful little tid-bits

  • have a stinky garbage disposal?
    place some baking soda down the drain and let it sit over night before running the water, or squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into it and let it sit before running water down the drain