Your health, your time, your freedom, and the opportunity to change your life, is all in your hands.

MonaVie believes that empowering people like you can bring happiness and security into reach. Whether you're ready to make a small change to improve your circumstances, improve the health of your loved ones, or significantly transform your life, MonaVie is the opportunity to make your mark in the surging health and wellness industry you've been looking for.

Growing Garden's Holistic Healings
Health POWERED BY YOU! A resource for natural integrative therapies to help you regain the control of your health.

Absolute Health
Chiropractic, Bio-feedback, Allergy Relief. Here at Absolute Health our mission is to provide all our patients with the best healthcare possible. Dr. Sara is dedicated to helping alleviate all of your aliments, from an aching back to chronic allergy symptoms to any emotional distresses. By following what she thinks are the ABC’s to health (Allergy Relief, Biofeedback, Nerofeedback and Chiropractic), a plan will be put together, that is specific to each individuals needs. At Absolute Health we look at the WHOLE person, and truly care about getting all of our patients to the best optimum health possible. Dr. Sara’s goal is to educate as many people as possible to live a happy healthy lifestyle.

A Limitless Life
My friend and mentor, Jeannine is another source for powerful life shifting work.

...There is more to making deep lasting changes in yourself than simply visiting a therapist’s office for many weeks, months or even years. Only to discover, after all that time and money, rapidly fading short-term results. To truly live A Limitless Life, you want permanent changes and life long lasting effects from the time and effort you’re putting forth. Let me help you do just that.

Ultimate Herbal Solutions
A great resource I partner with for some of my classes. Sharon specializes in nutrition as well as herbalism. She's working on some fabulous cookbooks too!

To the Point Printing & Design, LLC
To the Point Printing & Design, LLC is a full service design and printing company. Specializing in custom business materials, announcements and their corresponding pieces; promotional items too.

Circe's Plunder
We love the sea and its beaches. That is our inspiration. Each hand made one of a kind piece is made with found objects from beaches and paired with complementary natural objects such as gemstones and silver to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that you'll love to wear.

These ladies are great; down-to-earth and super friendly! Fabulous pieces of jewelry!

Reed Rahn is a professional photographer of over 27 years whose clients have included celebrities, multibillion dollar corporations, billionaires, politicians, and famous artists. His studio is based in Tempe, Arizona.

Bent Pages Bookstore & Cafe
A fabulous collection of new and used books. Miss Molly is refreshingly honest and direct, funny too! The all women's book club is one of a kind and the ladies are wonderful.

The cafe hosts fresh made goodies for a reasonable price and quick service.